BackGeolocation API

With our Geolocation API you can quickly determine the nationality of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Thanks to a weekly updated database, you have an accurate result for every IP address at any time and can make better business-critical decisions based on the result.

If you run an online shop, it can be extremely important to compare the country of the IP address with the country of the customer and the country in which the credit card was issued. If there are differences in the comparison, it is certainly fraud.

If your supposed customer is from Germany, but his IP address is from the Far East and the credit card issuing country is Great Britain, you can be sure that it is fraudulent.

In the case of credit card fraud, you have to bear all costs alone. In the worst case, you lose your money and your goods. It is therefore important to protect yourself from such and similar fraud methods.

Our geolocation API can help you with a simple and inexpensive query to prevent credit card fraud from happening in the first place.

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