BackTrash Email API

Our trash email API effectively protects you from trash email addresses (Trashmail) and ensures that such email addresses never get through to you.

Disposable email addresses cause costs for you as a provider that should not be underestimated and filtering out such email addresses afterwards takes a considerable amount of time.

Such email addresses harm you without bringing you any benefit.

No matter whether you run a blog, a forum or an online shop. Registering with a disposable email address is a first, but clear indication that something is wrong with this user account and you need to be vigilant.

In blogs and forums, such email addresses are often used to distribute spam, usually fully automated, so that you lose a lot of time to remove this spam afterwards.

Fraudsters use such email addresses to place fraudulent orders in online shops, which are then paid for with stolen credit cards or stolen PayPal accounts.

If a chargeback is forced, you as the seller, remain at the expense and have no chance of ever receiving the money.

As the operator of email marketing and/or competitions, you are annoyed by the high bounce back rate for throw-away email addresses, which has a negative impact on your IP reputation.

These email addresses are usually only valid for a few minutes, so that an email you send will never reach the recipient.

It is extremely easy to get such disposable email addresses. This takes place within seconds, without even having to register.

It is now extremely easy for you as a provider to protect yourself from such harmful email addresses. Fast, inexpensive and effective.

The trash email API was developed by us out of necessity in 2014 because we couldn't find an effective way on the market to protect us from such email addresses.

Since then we have successfully used them internally and integrated them in our products such as NewsTurbo and MailShelf.

All of our web forms have been communicating with this API since 2014, so we have only 0.01% of disposable email addresses in our database since then.

The trash email API already contains several thousand email addresses and domains from all well-known providers and is updated several times a day, because new domains for such disposable addresses are registered continuously.

Every single email address and every single domain that is in our database was checked manually by us without exception, so that it only contains addresses that could actually be assigned to a provider of such disposable addresses.

We also have the so-called secret domains, with which some providers want to make themselves important, in our database.

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