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As an official distributor, you can distribute our products to resellers, companies or on the retail market and you will receive an individually negotiated discount on all our products that's based on your sales and your audience.

As an official distributor, you can also build a local presence in your region and start selling our products by Download, Product Key Cards or CDs/DVDs. You are not required to provide technical support for our products so you can concentrate on promoting and selling our products.

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To become a distributor, you will need to contact us at partner@zebnet.co.uk and sending us your company details. We would be happy if you could include further details in your email like how you would like to promote and sell our products.

Your Benefits:

There is no need to purchase a minimum amount of licenses within a certain period of time but we expect that you will do your very best to promote our products to your audience. Take advantage of distributing high quality products to your audience that are unique in its kind and very easy to use.

Start Distributing!

Generating your first sale couldn't be easier. We provide extensive marketing materials like screenshots, box shots, product descriptions, price lists and more so you can start very fast.

All marketing materials can freely be accessed through the zebNet Partner Website.

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