Support Plans

zebNet provides technical support for a period of 45 days after the purchase of the zebNet software product at no charge.

After the 45-day initial support period, technical support will only be provided to those customers who have purchased a maintenance agreement or a pay per incident ticket for a single incident.

Self service support through our Knowledge Base will always be free even after the 45-day initial support period but it doesn't include the ability to create further technical support tickets.

Below is an overview of the technical support plans and options.

Standard Support
Included for the first 45 days. Help is available through technical support tickets only. During the 45-day initial support period, a maximum of three (3) technical support tickets can be created.

Pay Per Incident Support
Purchase support with a credit card or another provided payment method for a single incident. After the purchase, you will be provided with a support code that can be used to create one (1) technical support ticket.

Pay per incident support is $9.95 per incident for current zebNet products and $19.95 per incident for outdated zebNet products.

You can purchase pay per incident support for current products by clicking here or for outdated products by clicking here.

Support Subscription Plan
A product subscription based program that is offered on an annual basis. Technical support is available during normal business hours 10am-6pm GMT Mon-Fri.

Support Subscription Plan is $249.95 per year and ensures that you will always have the latest version of your licensed software product without any additional cost during the term of the Plan.

You get every new release, version, and feature enhancement for your licensed software product, providing a budget-conscious way to ensure you're always using the most current technology. This is the easiest and by far the most economical way for you and your company to keep your software investment current.

The support subscription plan also includes free updates and technical support for outdated zebNet products that makes it also perfect for users and companies that cannot use the very latest version but that need a careful maintenance of zebNet products that are actually outdated and no longer supported.

After the purchase, you will be provided with a support code that can be used to create unlimited technical support tickets for your licensed software product and that is valid for one year.

You can purchase a support subscription plan by clicking here.

Remote Desktop Support
In addition to our offered support programs, we also provide remote desktop support on an hourly basis. Hourly service is billed at a one (1) hour minimum with billing at thirty (30) minute increments thereafter.

After purchasing this service, we remotely access your computer using desktop sharing technology. This way we can provide direct service over the Internet via a highly secure platform to resolve your problem.

Remote desktop support costs $35.00 per hour.

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