BackMailShelf Pro

19/02/2022 - Version

  • Bug fix: Critical security fix
  • Improvement: Updated encryption modules
  • Improvement: New signature verification procedures
  • Improvement: Several other bug fixes and security improvements

29/09/2021 - Version

  • Added support for Windows 11

23/11/2018 - Version

  • New feature: An email in the archive is now also selectable via the arrow keys
  • Bug fix: When exporting emails, the path is now being checked for illegal characters
  • Bug fix: When scheduling a daily task, some settings cannot be selected
  • Bug fix: When scheduling a daily task, some values cannot be set properly

20/09/2018 - Version

  • Improvement: Client operating system is being saved in the user activity logging
  • Bug fix: While archiving emails via IMAP, archived emails are not being deleted although the setting to delete the emails has been set
  • Bug fix/Improvement: Exporting emails into a ZIP archive takes a considerable amount of time
  • Improvement/New feature: Added support for Postbox 6
  • Bug fix: The archiving status window of a scheduled archiving doesn't displays some buttons
  • Bug fix: Renaming an archive folder also renames equivalent archive folders of another archives/paths
  • Bug fix: After renaming an archive, an error message appears
  • Bug fix: After renaming an archive that hasn't a linked profile, an error message appears
  • Bug fix: Editing a profile allows you to rename the email address/data storage/path, which makes subsequent archiving impossible
  • Bug fix: The SQL name "local" can be selected or entered in the multi-user environment, which prevents MailShelf Pro connecting to MailShelf Server
  • Bug fix: If a font is selected that is no longer on the system, an error message appears
  • Improvement/New feature: When adding a new DNSBL server in the spam filter settings, MailShelf now warns against DNSBL servers/DNSBL providers, which are known to be unreliable and untrustworthy, as they provide misleading results, so legitimate emails will not be archived by using such a server/provider
  • Improvement: Version 2018.09 of the Geolocation database
  • Improvement: Version of the Trash Email Database
  • Improvement: Version of the Volume Shadow Copy Service
  • Bug fix/Improvement/New feature: Upgraded core components/core modules, which among other things, provides improved stability/speed as the latest components/modules are used
  • Bug fix/Improvement/New feature: Upgraded core platform which, among other things, achieves improved latencies as the core platform now uses a more modern code base
  • Various other bug fixes as well as improvements

06/01/2018 - Version

  • Bug fix: Archive folders and/or email profiles cannot contain single quotes (')
  • Improvement: Reorganized capatibilities to schedule a task
  • Improvement: Folders cannot longer moved to itself
  • Improvement: Version 2018.01 of Email Provider Database
  • Improvement: Version 2018.01 of Geolocation Database
  • Improvement: Version of Disposable Email Addresses Database
  • Improvement: When entering SMTP credentials for sending email alerts, the application now checks the internal email provider database for the required settings
  • Improvement: An already opened MailShelf instance crashes when closing it if a connection to the database server could not be made
  • New feature: Added the ability to export more than one email profile at the same time
  • Improvement/New feature: The application now fully supports TLS encrypted email server connections
  • Several other minor bug fixes and improvements

27/11/2017 - Version

  • Improvement: When trying to archive emails via a shortcut or via the Windows Task Scheduler from a non-existing profile, blank data is being written to the log which could lead to errors.

25/11/2017 - Version

  • Bug fix: When archiving Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook PST files, the same emails will repeatedly being archived if they have no internet headers.
  • Bug fix: When archiving Microsoft Exchange or Office 365, a log file is tried to being read although no log file is written at all.

07/10/2017 - Version

  • Bug fix: Archiving process may fail when a country is blacklisted

01/08/2017 - Version

  • Initial Release

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