BackNewsTurbo Standard

06/01/2018 - Version

  • Bug fix: Product key must be entered again after some time of using

18/06/2016 - Version

  • Improvement: When adding/renaming a mailing list, the list name will be checked for invalid characters
  • Improvement: When selecting a mailing list from the menu, all lists are now shown in alphabetical order
  • Improvement: Starting with this release, a new setup technology is being used for installing the application

19/05/2016 - Version (Service Pack 1)

The list below gives you a non-concluding overview of some important changes we have made.

  • Improvement: Email addresses containing an apostrophe ( ' ) can now be managed with NewsTurbo
  • New Feature: Completely rewritten "Import" section with dozens of improvements
  • Bug fix: Importing new email addresses fails if the file to import is empty
  • Improvement: After importing new email adresses, a list is shown displaying all added email addresses
  • Bug fix: Downloading new subscribers also adds subscribers that are already present in the mailing list
  • Bug fix: Downloading new subscribers with enabled option "Delete messages on the server after download" deletes not only subscription and cancellation requests
  • Bug fix: Downloading new bounce backs with enabled option "Delete messages on the server after download" deletes not only bounce back emails
  • New Feature: Completely rewritten HTML editor that's now more easy to use and that contains dozens of improvements and fixed bugs
  • Bug fix: Added pictures to the newsletter won't be displayed on the recipients computer if these pictures are selected from your local system rather then loaded from a web server
  • New Feature: Improved code view of the HTML editor which also displays line numbers
  • Improvement: GUI improvements when adding attachments
  • Improvement: Progress is now also being displayed in the Windows Taskbar
  • Improvement: Improved support for Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 8.1 as well as Microsoft Windows 10
  • Bug fix: Downloading updates may fail on some systems
  • New Feature: In combination with NewsTurbo Analytics Server or NewsTurbo Analytics Services, NewsTurbo can now collect extensive analytics and statistics of your newsletters (Click and click behaviour, Read and read behaviour)
  • New Feature: NewsTurbo now includes pre-built HTML newsletter templates
  • New Feature: Support for multiple sending has been added. NewsTurbo now allows you send several campaigns at once
  • Bug fix: Several bug fixes in account management for SMTP, POP3
  • Improvement: Improved and error free tags handling
  • Improvement: All application files are now dual-signed to ensure maximum compatibility from Windows XP up to Windows 10
  • Improvement: General performance improvements that let NewsTurbo work up to 60% faster
  • Several other bug fixes and improvements for both the application as well as the applications performance

23/10/2015 - Version

  • Bug fix: Application license might not be applied successfully

16/08/2015 - Version

  • Added Windows 10 compatibility

28/04/2015 - Version

  • Improvement: Entering the product key is now easier
  • Improvement: Import of subscriber information now uses smarter technology to avoid errors
  • Improvement: Export of subscriber information now uses UTF-8 as default encoding
  • Improvement: Better performance for adding entries to the blacklist
  • Improvement: Better performance while searching for duplicates
  • Improvement: Version 3.5.8109.0 of Microsoft SQL Server Compact
  • Bug fix: Email addresses that contain a plus sign (+) can now be added to a mailing list
  • Bug fix: Running a spam check may fail on certain systems
  • Bug fix: POP3 connection issues may occur with some email providers

20/10/2014 - Version

  • General maintenance release that contains several bug fixes and improvements

06/10/2014 - Version

  • Improvement: While sending out a newsletter, an email address syntax check is performed before
  • Improvement: Native support for Windows Classic Theme
  • Improvement: Updated documentation with the latest additions
  • Bug fix: Specified Xmailer text goes back to Default value after restarting the application
  • Bug fix: Sending out a newsletter fails if more than 2 additional headers are specified
  • Bug fix: An attempt to copy a mailing list may fail
  • Several other bug fixes and improvements

19/05/2014 - Version

  • Improvement: New method to install all future updates of the application
  • Improvement: Updated documentation with the latest additions
  • Several other bug fixes and improvements

06/05/2014 - Version

  • Bug fix: Sending process may fail when cleaning temporary files folder
  • Bug fix: An error message occurs when adding notes for a subscriber with more than 4000 characters
  • Bug fix: When managing subscriptions with option "Update all fields" enabled, the current subscriber may be saved with information of the previous subscriber
  • Bug fix: The following error message appears when having more than 1 million subscribers: "The database file is larger than the configured maximum database size"
  • Bug fix: An error occurs when trying to paste a subscriber that was copied or cut from an already deleted mailing list
  • Bug fix: Backup may fail on large databases with many subscribers
  • Performance: Improved feature to copy a mailing list
  • Several other bug fixes and improvements

03/03/2014 - Version

  • Initial Release

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