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End of life for our version 5.0 backup products

Published on: Tuesday, June 19, 2018 3:15 AM

With the release of our version 6.0 product generation on 15 June 2018, product lifecycle for all of our version 5.0 backup products has been ended so they are now in extended support status where support needs to be paid if necessary.

In concrete terms this means that beginning on 01 August 2018 you need to purchase Pay Per Incident Support if you need to create a technical support ticket for one of our version 5.0 backup product or if you need to request an activation limit reset of your product key for one of our version 5.0 backup product. We are unable to deal with your request if no Pay Per Incident Support has been purchased before. Until 01 August 2018 the old conditions as described in the product documentation are still valid.

You can purchase pay per incident support clicking here.

None of our version 5.0 backup products will receive any further update since new version 6.0 successor products are available now.

To avoid requests to reset your activation limit for version 5.0 backup products, you should make sure to deactivate your license by yourself if needed. This can easily be done through the application itself free of charge. Additional information about how to do this can be found in the manual as well as in our knowledge base.

Applies to:

  • Backup for Chrome 5.0
  • Backup for Firefox 5.0
  • Backup for Internet Explorer 5.0
  • Backup for Opera Browser 5.0
  • Backup for SeaMonkey 5.0
  • Backup for IncrediMail 5.0
  • Backup for Live Mail 5.0
  • Backup for Outlook 5.0
  • Backup for Postbox 5.0
  • Backup for Thunderbird 5.0
  • Backup for SeaMonkey 5.0
  • Backup for eM Client 5.0
  • Backup for Mailbird 5.0
  • Backup for The Bat 5.0
  • Backup for Vivaldi 5.0

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