MailShelf Pro

MailShelf is available in four different editions, each with a different range of features, so that MailShelf perfectly covers a wide range of needs.

In order to find the appropriate MailShelf Edition quickly and easily, we offer you a feature comparison of all MailShelf editions.

GeneralMailShelf BasicMailShelf StandardMailShelf ProMailShelf Server
Secure and compliant software solution for long-term email archiving
Creates tamper-proof 1:1 copies in a central archive
Archives any amount of data and any number of emails
Protects effectively against data loss and relieves your infrastructure
Provides extensive search functions for fast results
Completely client-capable with extensive user management features
Can automatically archive emails on a schedule
Supports multiple triggers for scheduled archiving tasks
Provides extensive capabilities to export emails
Supports common protocols, clients and file formats
Fulfils company-relevant requirements
Supports tags to mark important emails
Supports retention rules for archived emails
Supports archiving of S/MIME encrypted emails
Supported Email ProtocolsMailShelf BasicMailShelf StandardMailShelf ProMailShelf Server
Microsoft Exchange
Office 365
Supported Email ClientsMailShelf BasicMailShelf StandardMailShelf ProMailShelf Server
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook Express
Windows Mail
Windows Live Mail
Mozilla Thunderbird
Mozilla Thunderbird Portable
Mozilla SeaMonkey
Mozilla SeaMonkey Portable
Postbox Portable
Supported Email File FormatsMailShelf BasicMailShelf StandardMailShelf ProMailShelf Server
RFC822 compliant .eml files
Microsoft Outlook compliant .msg files
Microsoft Outlook PST file format
Microsoft Outlook Express DBX file format
MBOX file format
Archiving FeaturesMailShelf BasicMailShelf StandardMailShelf ProMailShelf Server
Allows selection of the folders to be archived from the mailbox
Can use SpamAssassin and DNSBL queries to exclude spam emails from archiving
Supports a blacklist to filter unwanted emails
Can exclude read emails from archiving
Can exclude emails older than a specified period
Can delete emails after archiving from the email mailbox
Can delete emails from the mailbox after archiving, but after a defined period, e.g. one week after archiving
Can delete emails after archiving, if they have reached a certain age.
Supports dynamic archiving
Supports static archiving
Can allow duplicates in the archive
Blacklist FeaturesMailShelf BasicMailShelf StandardMailShelf ProMailShelf Server
Supports blacklisting of specific email addresses
Supports blacklisting of specific domain names
Supports blacklisting of specific IP addresses, IP ranges and IP subnets
Supports blacklisting of specific countries
Supports blacklisting of specific email headers
Supports blacklisting of specific domain extensions (TLDs)
Supports blacklisting of trash email addresses
MiscellaneousMailShelf BasicMailShelf StandardMailShelf ProMailShelf Server
Provides standard privacy and security settings
Provides more advanced privacy and security settings
Provides extensive user activity logging features and audit capabilities
Allows sending email notifications after the completion of a task
Can be used in a multiuser environment with individual user rights (client capability)
Available as a server solution including client licenses
Allows you to place the entire email archive on a network path
Supported Operating SystemsMailShelf BasicMailShelf StandardMailShelf ProMailShelf Server
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 8.1
Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 11
Microsoft Windows Server 2003/R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2008/R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2012/R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2016
Microsoft Windows Server 2019
Microsoft Windows Server 2022

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