NewsTurbo Basic

zebNet NewsTurbo Basic is a professional newsletter software that provides you the best possible email marketing experience directly on your desktop and that covers all basic needs.

Now you can send mass mailings directly from your local computer in minutes without the need to pay an expensive monthly fee for a web-based solution. Email marketing has never been easier as with zebNet NewsTurbo Basic.

zebNet NewsTurbo Basic provides you with all basic features that are essential to do professional email marketing and also provides you with some advanced features.

Thanks to the integrated and powerful HTML editor with pre-built HTML templates, you can immediately get started with your first newsletter campaign.

From now on, zebNet NewsTurbo Basic and an email address is all you need to do professional email marketing. You can even use your existing email address.

Create up to 5 mailing lists each with up to 500 subscribers and take advantage from some advanced list management features that were designed to make your life easier.

zebNet NewsTurbo Basic can automatically manage the subscriptions of your mailing lists so that they are always current with the latest subscriber information. In addition, bounce-back emails can also be managed automatically so there is no need to manually remove invalid email addresses from the lists.

In conjunction with zebNet NewsTurbo Analytics Server or zebNet NewsTurbo Analytics Services (sold separately), you can also collect extensive analysis and statistics of all your newsletter campaigns.

There are much more possibilities what you can do with zebNet NewsTurbo Basic.

Try it today and let it speak for itself.

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