NewsTurbo Hardware Appliance


/Cms_Data/Contents/en/Media/images/smtp-services-icon.png With a NewsTurbo SMTP Appliance, you can perform instantly and without knowledge effective email marketing campaigns that meets all provider regulations. Developed for you by professionals with years of experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Your own email server with full control
  • Unlimited email experience with unlimited emails per month
  • Unlimited domains with unlimited email addresses
  • Can easily be managed via a web interface
  • Collection of statistics using NewsTurbo Analytics Server
  • Online publishing of your newsletters
  • NewsTurbo RemoteApp
  • Maximum deliverability due to intelligent development
  • Fully Anti-spam compliant
  • Bypass ISP restrictions
  • Worldwide high-speed email delivery
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 connections, DKIM and SPF
  • Build your own IP reputation
  • Don't get blacklisted
  • Fully configured and ready to go
  • Absolutely no know-how required
  • Hosted on your own server, no monthly fees

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