Believe it or not but when it comes to your installed applications, the Windows Control Panel is only telling you the half-truth.

Nearly every application also installs some additional components that you might never need or you might never wanted but the Windows Control Panel only displays the main application without those additional components.

Such unnecessary components eats up your disk space and might lead into performance issues on your computer.

Normally, you cannot uninstall only those additional components but you are forced to uninstall the whole application in order to get those components removed.

That's why we developed Uninstaller - To get you back in control.

With zebNet Uninstaller, only you decide what can reside on your own computer.

Uninstall every application that is installed on your computer and decide on your own what you really need or not.

Compare the Windows Control Panel list with the zebNet Uninstaller list and we promise you, you will be amazed what is actually installed on your computer.

Uninstall multiple applications at once with just a single click.

zebNet Uninstaller helps you to save disk space and to clean up your computer by enabling you to remove unnecessary applications and application components.

Packed in a clear, sleek and a familiar interface, zebNet Uninstaller is your first choice to clean up your installed applications.

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