MailShelf Server


mailshelf_server_front.png zebNet MailShelf Server is a professional email archiving solution that covers all important aspects of a secure and compliant long-term archiving of your emails and which also offers you many additional features.


  • Secure and compliant software solution for long-term email archiving
  • Creates tamper-proof 1:1 copies in a central archive
  • Archives any amount of data and any number of emails
  • Protects effectively against data loss and relieves your infrastructure
  • Provides extensive search functions for fast results
  • Completely client-capable with extensive user management features
  • Can automatically archive emails on a schedule
  • Provides extensive capabilities to export emails
  • Supports all common protocols, clients and file formats
  • Fulfils all company-relevant requirements
  • Includes a variety of added features for security and spam protection

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