MailShelf Server

zebNet MailShelf Server is a professional email archiving solution that covers all important aspects of a secure and compliant long-term archiving of your emails and which also offers you many additional features.

For secure and compliant email archiving, MailShelf Server leverages the latest technologies to create a 1:1 copies of your emails in a central and searchable archive.

MailShelf Server is able to archive any amount of data as well as any number of emails, so you do not have to accept restrictions. You can keep your archive constantly growing.

With MailShelf Server, you are effectively protected against data loss and, at the same time, relieve your existing infrastructure as the archived emails no longer have to be stored on the email server.

The integrated full-text search with extensive search functions provides you with fast results when you have to search for specific emails.

MailShelf Server is fully client-capable and offers you a comprehensive user administration in which you can set the appropriate user rights for each individual user.

The integrated scheduling functions allow you to fully automate email archiving by scheduling. MailShelf Server even supports multiple schedules.

If necessary, you can export existing emails directly from the archive, either directly to an email server, or in your preferred email client and even into all common email file formats.

MailShelf Server supports all common email protocols and mailboxes, such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, IMAP4 and POP3 as well as all popular email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird (including portable), Mozilla SeaMonkey (including portable) as well as Postbox (including portable).

In addition, MailShelf Server also supports all common email file formats, such as the Microsoft Outlook PST file format, the Microsoft Outlook Express DBX file format and the MBOX file format. In addition, MailShelf Server can also be used to archive .msg and .eml files.

MailShelf Server fulfils all company-relevant requirements of a professional software solution for long-term archiving of emails, by combining existential functions with added features.

The variety of added features ensures the safety of your infrastructure and also avoids archiving of unsolicited emails with the help of the integrated spam protection.

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